USA Weather starts at Forecast window showing your current location forecast if it can be detected.

Here you can alternate between several information pages:

  • Current weather
  • Weather Warnings (only if one active at location)
  • Seven days forecast
  • Textual forecast
  • Observations from last 72 hours

To alternate between pages press at bottom buttons or swipe right or left:

Search for a location

If your current location can't be detected or you want to search for another use the Search action (the magnifier icon).

If you don't type anything in the search box you will see your nearest location and your favourite ones. And if you enter some letters or zip code matching locations will appear.

Favourite locations

To make a location favourite press on the star next to the location name in Current page.

To see your favourite locations press the Search action without typing anything.

Current page

In current tab you can see in a compact way:

  • The weather that is doing now
  • A fast look on the next 12 hours (in 3 hours intervals)
  • Take a look on the next 48 hours
  • Sunrise and sunset time
  • Moon phase

All current weather information is calculated using the actual forecast except temperatures that use last observation if it's possible. The temperature comparison is done comparing last observation from the same hour observation from yesterday.

Warnings page

It's only showed if there is an active weather warning for your location.

If there is some active warning you will see the warnings window with all the region's active weather warnings:

For each warning you will have warning information text, impact and probability, instructions, link to NOAA site,...

Five days page

In seven day tab you get a detailed forecast information in hourly intervals for the next seven days:

By default the information for today is expanded in hourly intervals and the information for the next days is contracted with only day/night information. But you can always expand/contract each day using the plus or minus buttons on the day header.

For each hourly interval you have:

  • Weather symbol
  • Temperature
  • Feels like temperature
  • Rain probability
  • Wind
  • Wind gust
  • Cloud cover
  • Humidity

If you are not able to see all the information in your phone width you can use the arrow button on the right to alternate.

You also can configure in Settings which columns do you want to see.

Textual page

In textual page you can get the textual forecast discussion for your region.

Observations page

This page show hourly observations from the last 72 hours.

For usage please refer to the Seven days page because it works in the same way.